Self-Esteem Coaching in Japan

Self-Esteem Coaching in Japan

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Self-Esteem Coaching in Japan

When I tell new acquaintances that I’m a self-esteem coach and that I live in Japan, they always respond with a very surprised facial expression. Why self-esteem and why in Japan?

I didn’t choose to live in Japan just because I wanted to coach (my life brought me here for different reasons), but now that I am here I feel that I have a very important role to fill. In Japan most people don’t even know the Japanese word for “self-esteem”. This is an obvious hint that self-esteem is not a concept that Japanese people spend a lot of time thinking about. Yet, it is so obvious to me that most people in Japan, just like in the rest of the world, have a lack of self-esteem. Negative feelings are hidden and suppressed but they come back in the shape of even stronger emotions and problems.

Many people in Japan (and also in other countries) seem to think that it is embarrassing to hire a coach because that might mean that there is something wrong with them. This perception of coaching is as wrong as it can be. Getting a coach is not the same as going to the doctor. If you go to the doctor it’s because you have a health problem and you want help to fix it. If you go to a coach it’s because you want to get more out of life than you currently do. You may have a problem that you want to sort out, such as a relationship problem, fear of public speaking or bad health. A coach can surely help you with this. However, you may also feel like your life is ok, but you want to bring in even more happiness and success. You may have a flourishing business and you want your coach to help you get even more clients or even more sales. You may have a wonderful loving relationship and you want to grow with your partner even further.

The only thing that you really need in order to hire a coach is a desire to grow. A desire to make life even better. A desire to bring yourself to the next level. This is what coaching is about.

The desire to grow and to develop oneself is enormous in Japan. People here seem to honestly try to do their best at every moment and they are hungry to learn more and become better husbands, mothers, colleagues, friends etc. This is why coaching has such a potential in Japan.

Self-esteem is the essence of personal development. If you want to improve your career you need to start by raising your self-esteem. If you want to become a better parent, you need to raise your self-esteem. If you want to feel happier, raise your self-esteem. If you want to help others, raise your self-esteem! Developing a high self-esteem is the first step in any personal development journey.

In a way it seems therefore like people in Japan who care so much about improving themselves always talk about self-esteem but without realising it. Their quest for personal development will be so much easier when they discover the “lost word”: self-esteem.

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