Seven Steps To Living Your Freedom – Introduction

Seven Steps To Living Your Freedom – Introduction

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Your heart is the central core of your being-ness. It is your bridge to life, your connection in God, and your relationship with the totality of existence. It is your association to a life of simplicity and contentment, even in the midst of the busy-ness of everyday living.

What is true of you is free of everything. It is not bound by a single arising or any part of manifestation. This essence of you is not governed by desire or the attempt to gain anything. It has no need or motion to defend itself. It is completely free already.

It has no one in the driving seat trying to be in control – it is simply the isness of everything “ising” in this very moment. There is nothing about itself that is attempting to go anywhere – it is already everywhere. There is nothing about itself that is trying to get anything done – it is already complete and changeless, even within the change of form.

Who you are is not superior or inferior. You do not have to suffer these things. None of these things apply to the one that you have always been and yet known it not. It is completely beyond your imagination. You cannot imagine your true self. You have to realize the reality of it, to be the freedom that it is.

A new way of seeing is required of you, for you to wilfully enter into what has always been true of you. This new way of seeing must become part of your daily existence, if you wish to live from within the depths of the freedom of your heart. Your belief in the chattering mind, as being true of you, is the only thing that has ever hindered you from realizing how graced you always are.

Recognising that the bulk of your life is not as happy as you would like, is not a pleasant feeling to contend with day by day. These feelings of discontentment, which arise out of a daily existence of not realizing how free you already are, create a good deal of frustration. They lead to an ongoing and unconscious search for happiness.

Without any seeing into the automatic and outward movement of your everyday energy, your search for contentment inevitably continues on.

Freedom is already the foundation of life, prior to any movement, in any direction. Seeking freedom, by its very nature, is an activity that moves out and away from the very freedom that is already true of you.

A mental understanding of this freedom, will not free you from being driven by the sub and un-conscious drives of the mind and body that you wake up to each day. Your initiation into living the immediacy of who you are, begins as you find out that you are already whole and complete in this moment right now.

Nobody can force open this door of your ever present heart. Many have tried and plenty more still try. Trying to force this door will always keep you from simply realizing what is currently taking place in this moment. Strange as it may seem to you, your heart is already freely standing and wide open for you to consciously be it. This is true in every single moment.

A period of intense prayer; a deep meditation; a moment of openness with nature; these may well open the door into the sanctity of your heart, where your freedom is genuinely felt. Throughout history, scores of people have drunk of the nectar of their heart in these, and numerous other ways. Unfortunately, these tend to be rare occasions. Blessings of this kind are not enough to turn the tide of the distractions, of your everyday life, that keep you from recognising how free you are.

Waiting for a moment of bliss, or settling for an occasional long tall glass of the nectar of the molten golden honeyed-ness of your heart, is akin to going to church on Sundays for an hour every week. As lovely as it is to have these distractive moments of ecstasy from within the daily rounds of your everyday living, they will never be enough to relieve the pain and suffering of you forgetting just what it is that you truly and already are.

Awakening to what is already true of you, is the only thing that is ever going to free you from unconsciously being distracted by the arisings of life. These “Seven Steps To Living Your Freedom” will show you how to quickly and easily see and be who you truly are.


Since his awakening in May of 1992, Elysha has been a self-realized teacher of the heart, helping all who visit him to realize their own true nature. Elysha’s FREE e-book “Seven Steps To Living Your Freedom ” gives a taste of the powerful techniques and teachings he has to offer.

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