Sporting Clay Shooting Tip for February 2010: “3 Steps Of A Lesson”

Sporting Clay Shooting Tip for February 2010: “3 Steps Of A Lesson”

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Sporting Clay Shooting Tip for February 2010: “3 Steps Of A Lesson”3 Steps Of A Lesson

A good teacher/instructor can’t just be a lecturer. There’s more to good teaching than just dispensing advice and information. When you register for a private lesson or a class with your friendly, local instructor, it is reasonable to expect your “mentor for the day” to be organized, look the part, and be truly attentive to what you have to say. It is also fair to anticipate that your instructor will take the time to ask why you are here today. He or she will listen to your specific questions and concerns – then tailor your lesson around those topics. Isn’t that why you signed up in the first place? Yes it is. A competent instructor will want to have this conversation with you in order to formulate the best lesson for you.

When the early Q&A portion of your lesson is concluded in the clubhouse, priorities shift. Headed out to your first shooting field, you become the listener. It is because your approach to your shooting is not working – you will be asked to do things differently in the shooting box than you are accustomed to. Your instructor is counting on your undivided attention and utmost cooperation. Following your teacher’s advice with an open mind and enthusiasm leads to a hugely gratifying and highly educational experience.

The final step is your following up by training at the gun club, using the experience and counsel provided during your lesson – because progress in the box can not occur through wishful thinking. For us to find the progress we want, each and every of us has to endure the rigors of reprogramming our old habits and thoroughly ingraining the ones our instructor taught us. May I suggest you pick up your copy of the February 2010 issue of Sporting Clays magazine. Turn to page 18. Marty regularly turns out practical, genuinely usable advice. Marty’s candid advice is spot-on and particularly applicable to what we are talking about here – steps that not only make good sense but put your game ahead coming into the 2010 season.

Until next time,…….hang in there,………warmer weather will be here soon.

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