Taking Care of Yourself – 3 Steps to Leave Underearning

Women are still brought up with the myth that someone else will take care of us.  That someone else is better equipped to take care of us than we are.  It is interesting that women are brought up to take care of children but not considered able to take care of themselves financially.  Women are considered better in relationships.  They are the relationship masters.  In the relationship that is going to be the longest relationship in their lives, they claim ignorance.  Many behave as they are and cannot be good at that relationship.  And that is despite the fact this relationship will dictate how they live their life.  I am talking about the relationship with money.

Step 1:    Acknowledge that you are enough.

You don’t need anyone else to rescue you; you can rescue yourself.  By accepting responsibility for your own life you take back the power that you may have given to someone else.  That power was always yours.  You know yourself best.  You know your dreams, longings, desires and needs.  Whatever you choose to do you will live with the results, for better or for worse.  It is the power to make things happen.  To take risks.  You are the one that is gong to live with the results, not the other person.  When it comes down to it, you got what it takes to make the change in your life; you know what you need.

Step 2:    Start asking for what you want.

When you take your power back, you have the power to ask for what you want.  No one knows you better than you.  So it is up to you to ask for it.  No one can be better at this than you.  It is your responsibility to take care of you.  When you take the responsibility for yourself, you take on the role of the caregiver for yourself.  The better you take care of you, the better you are in living and enjoying life.  When you ask for the rewards that are yours there is self-respect and honesty.  By not waiting for others to give us things, we stop being the victims and grow stronger.

Step 3:    Be gentle with yourself.

Accept where you are now and forgive yourself for making decisions that got you where you’re at in the first place.  Mistakes are lessons that help us grow and learn in order to live a bigger life.  Mistakes are only mistakes if we refuse to learn from them.  Otherwise they are lessons we take and can learn from.  There is a saying; “Life without mistakes is a life not lived”.  They are the lessons were we learn to live life.  That is how we grow, and live the life we were meant to live.  A life that is bigger and with more enjoyment than the one where we take no steps to grow.

We begin by acknowledging that we are enough and we take our the power back.  Standing in that power we ask for what we want.  Then, we welcome the lessons we get from our mistakes and for the opportunity to grow and be able to live a life of abundance.

Love and peace,


ElinAnna is a prosperity coach who teaches women how to stop underearning and finally start making more money so that they can have more independence, time and fun than ever before. To reach ElinAnna with questions about her system send an email to: info@fromunderearningtoabundance.com or visit: http://www.fromunderearningtoabundance.com.

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