The Chakra System Extends Beyond Your Body

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As you discover and understand the body’s chakra system, you will discover values principles and tools that will enable to you to create the life and business of your dreams.

Your Chakra system refers to a system of energy flow in your body.  Your body is intuitive and it speaks to you. You experience many feelings in your body but you may not be aware of them. The Chakra system is an Ancient Sanskrit tradition that addresses the flow of energy in the body. Each of the seven chakras speak to where emotions can lodge in your body energetically. As you understand the seven chakras, you will understand the wonderful hidden messages that your body is communicating to you.

The Root Chakra speaks to your sense of belonging. It’s business values are that your business is part of a community. Your business belongs and has the right to be in the marketplace. This means that you have the right to a viable marketplace presence. This is so important to reconnect with on those days that you feel like a fish out of water or that your business does not fit into the marketplace.

Your Sacral Chakra speaks to your sense of pleasure. The business value is that you have the right to profit, make money and enjoy profits. The creativity of your business is a significant contribution to the community and you have the right to be creative and enjoy it. Just remember that you are entitled to show up in the marketplace, offer value and receive value in the form of profits. It is your entitlement.

Your Solar Plexus Chakra speaks to your sense of personal power. The corresponding business value is that your business has a right to be a powerful contributor to the community. You have a right to be powerful and to make a difference and impact others positively.

Your Heart Chakra speaks to love and protecting your heart. Now, this message is under developed for most business. It really is not an option to not love yourself. You must love yourself and love others. This means that you must love your product or service and your customers likewise. Love is the highest vibration and it belongs in the marketplace.

Your Throat Chakra speaks to communication and speaking your truth. I love explaining this to small business owners as this speaks to your capacity to market your business and communicate your value to others. So those wonderful small business owners that do not like marketing, your body will respond in a negative way as marketing and selling yourself is part of your right and your throat loves this process! Learn to get very comfortable with communicating your value and the value of your customers.

Your Third eye Chakra speaks to your intuition and capacity to perceive others. In business, this speaks to how you perceive your customers. Are you connecting with them? Be intuitive, in tune and in sync with your customers and your third eye serves you in this area.

Your Crown Chakra resides above your head. With the heart Chakra, we discussed love in the marketplace. That love translates into Spiritual service with the Crown Chakra. As you perceive your business as an instrument of service, you will find innovative and creative ways to deliver your goods or service and you will find a path that takes your business experience outside of you as Spiritual service and yet retains its financial profitability.

Tap into these seven values and reconnect with them for your business often and watch your business thrive and prosper.

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Iyabo Asani is a life and business coach. A former lawyer, she left the practice of law after twenty years and now, she helps empower smart boomer men and women to attract abundance by discovering their gifts and talents within their Inner Genius.

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