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The OCM, leaders in coach-mentoring, have to today launched a global professional networking platform called The CoachVine (  This is a free network dedicated to coaches and mentors that focuses on helping them access Continued Professional Development (CPD) and Supervision opportunities, as well as the traditional networking opportunities that platforms like these provide.

The platform contains many familiar features and some new functionality that is 100% focused on allowing coaching and mentoring professionals search, access and share a range of content from a variety of organisations, gurus and like-minded professionals, as well as the ability to join groups, search for events, write blogs and promote themselves and their organisations.

Ed Parsloe, Business Director at The OCM, says “We initially wanted to find a way of staying in touch with graduates from our qualification programmes and provide them with ways of accessing cost effective CPD and supervision, something they are ethically and morally obliged to do. Social networking as a concept was becoming more main stream and not only changing the way we organise our professional networks, but also how we access and share information. We decided that we could use this technology to achieve our strategic objectives for our graduates, as well as providing a resource for the wider coaching and mentoring community”.

With gurus like Eric Parsloe and Julie Starr already signed up and organisations like CIPD Training using the network to support graduates from their qualification programmes, it is envisaged that other individuals and organisations will shortly follow suit. Although Ed Parsloe sees this as one of his biggest challenges “I’d like to think that other coaching and mentoring organisations, including the governing bodies, will see this as a fantastic opportunity to provide a free resource to their clients and members, not to mention the free marketing opportunities the platform provides. I really believe if we can get everybody talking, sharing ideas and working together, we will have a genuine opportunity to advance the industry and I really hope that this proves to be the case.”

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