The Law to Success Program: Find Your Purpose in Life

The Law to Success Program: Find Your Purpose in Life

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Understanding your purpose in life is vital if you are going to be truly successful. After all, if you don’t know why you’re on this Earth, it will be very hard to find a satisfying path and destination. And it is impossible to be truly successful if you don’t know where you’re going or what path will make you truly happy.

The most successful people throughout history have all had a purpose in life, and succeeded by pursuing or serving that purpose. Unfortunately, those of us who are not yet great are seldom attuned enough to our inner selves to know what our real purpose is. Fortunately, the Law to Success can help anyone find their true purpose in life.

You will probably need a significant period of contemplation to understand the meaning and purpose of your life. For that effort to be successful, you really need to eliminate all distractions. You need to learn to be present in the moment, and comfortable alone with yourself. That means to find a place and a time where you can be alone, away from distractions like email, the telephone, music, or the TV. What you need to do is simple in concept, but not necessarily easy. Just sit quietly, by yourself, and clear your mind of all thoughts. Doing this exercise out in nature is even better, as the natural world is a soothing and revitalizing place, ideal for this kind of quiet aloneness.

With practice, you will eventually be able to calm your conscious mind and be more attuned to the subtle inner voices that appear. These sources, which are usually drowned out by the roar of modern society and the endless chatter of your conscious mind, are more attuned to your inner feelings and needs, your deeper, more fundamental states.

How will all this help you find your purpose you ask? It goes something like this. Once you can be comfortable being alone with yourself and present in the moment, you can hear the subtle signals that your conscious mind drowns out. Now what you can do is focus on the question, “What is my purpose?” and allow the answer to appear in the quiet space you have cleared in your mind. By giving yourself space without distractions, and focusing on this single question, you clear space for the answer to come to you. If you continue to give yourself space, and continue to focus on this question, at some point something deep will change


Recognizing this change and understanding what you need to do next to truly understand your purpose is the subject of the Discover Your Purpose portion of the Law to Success program. To learn more about this powerful program, please visit the Law to Success Review at

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