The Self Improvement Industry

The Self Improvement Industry

January 18, 2020 Off By admin

The Self Improvement IndustryIf the authors of prominent self-improvement book “First Things First” are to be believed, literature designed to help people improve their lives has been in circulation as far back as 2500BC. Although this may not be entirely accurate, the fact remains that self improvement has always be in the mind of the public.

Yet it is really the late 1980s and 90s that brought self improvement and self help to life. The boom was huge and seemingly ever-lasting, going from very little to an awful lot. Self improvement found it’s way in to popular culture and has never really let go, making an admirable leap – that probably made some marketing guru a fortune – from hippy-like to generally accepted.

The self improvement industry is, quite literally, huge. If you type ‘self improvement’ into Amazon, over 10,000 books alone will be listed for your perusal. There is then the huge numbers of websites dedicated to creating a better you. Google Blog Search lists over 500,000 blog posts that have some element of self improvement contained within their text.

There are then hundreds of self-styled “life coaches”, some of whom claim that using their unique skills they can teach you how to live a better life. No matter what you’ve got to spend, it would seem that any amount will buy a little self improvement.

The problem with such a saturated market is that, for someone beginning to explore self improvement, the options can seem endless and mind boggling.

The easy answer is to look for things focusing on the aspect of life that you yourself which to improve. This may seem simple, but in the mire it can sometimes take a little effort to find something truly relevant. When you’ve found what you think you’re looking for, be smart and check previous user reviews. Don’t be misled by outlandish claims of miracle works on the back of a book or website banner – find out for yourself what real people really think.

If at first you don’t succeed, don’t dismiss the entire industry because of one bad experience. There clearly is something in self improvement, or it wouldn’t be such a dominant market, so keep trying until you find the exact right fit.