True knowledge comes from testing your wisdom

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I have found that on every holiday that I undertake I invariably discover or sometimes re-discover myself. I know a lot of other people who come back from a holiday and have only pictures to show for it, me, on the other hand has me to show for it. 

People who meet me after the holiday invariably remark how much better I sound and truly, I feel much better. Not only for the rest that the holiday accorded but the very act of submerging myself in a new environ is an act of change and all change is a little disconcerting. It makes one look at oneself in a critical fashion, assess what one likes one doesn’t, experiment and at the same time look for anything that might bring a fleeting moment of peace from the tried and tested. 

As I was thinking about this ‘holiday impact’ on me, I couldn’t help but feel that adversity does the same to me. It is an unfortunate and challenging time, the landscape in which I operate changes dramatically and I find myself constantly learning about others and about myself. Sometimes, I discover skills I didn’t think I had, sometimes, I rediscover techniques I used a long time ago and sometimes, realization just hits me across the face. 

In both, a holiday and a trying piece of time, I find myself studying people, situations and using my intelligence of them and what is operating within them. I find I don’t really look for too many details when things are hunky dory or when I am driving down to office everyday. I do however pay attention to a new road, a new path and a new tricky situation.

so, here is my offer for the day. 

you seek out holidays, you search, you discuss, you make plans, you implement plans, you do everything you can to enjoy the holiday. 

Seek out adversity.

hmmm, am I actually suggesting that you go out into the world looking to take on a difficult situation? yes. 

I am suggesting that just like you wish or even pray for a holiday, you should go down on your knees and beg for a fight? yes!

put in on your to-do list, put it on your annual calendar, let there be no celebration this year if you have not survived a really difficult, trying and exhausting situation.

Tell your friends about it, put it on your facebook account, make a visual image and put it on your board, mention it in your prayers, in short do everything you can for a life enhancing experience. No not a holiday but a skirmish. Know this, true wisdom is knowing yourself and true knowledge comes from putting it to the test!

Happy Challenging.

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