Want To Get Rich Quick and Become A Millionaire?

May 2, 2021 0 By admin

Only about 80% of the people I talk to say they want to be rich.

Kind of unbelievable isn’t it? I mean that 20% of the population honestly answers the question “Who Wants To Get Rich Quick And Be A Millionaire” by saying no, not me, all I want is enough to be happy and live comfortably.

When asked why they feel that way the most common response is that they don’t really believe they could have that much money in the first place so why get their hopes up.

Many will answer that question by saying something to the effect that having that much money would leave them feeling greedy in spite of the fact that they could always give money to a charity, if it would make them feel better, which it won’t because deep down inside they truly believe money is the root of all evil. (For a better understanding of money read my blog post “http://bit.ly/createtruewealth.”)

So I have a question for you…

Do you sincerely want to be rich?

By rich I mean in excess of a million dollars.

I you answered yes to the above question then the first thing you should consider is having a success coach. I mean really, if getting rich quick was something you really believed you could do on your own then wouldn’t you have already done it?

In the book “Think and Grow Rich” Napoleon Hill talks about having mentors and a board of directors to help you with your plans and goals. In fact it is one of the most important ingredients and he dedicated an entire chapter to it in Chapter 10 “The Power of the Master Mind: The Driving Force.”

Napoleon defines the Master Mind as “Coordination of knowledge and effort, in the spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

So back to my question…

Do you seriously want to be rich, in excess of a million dollars?

Then at least for the time being, let me be your success coach. I have some important information to share with you and if you’re serious about being rich I know this information will save you a lot of time figuring things out entirely on your own. I would like to thank you in advance for trusting me to be your success coach.

So back to the subject of getting rich.

Did you know that these days you are not rich if you have one million dollars?

Although not pocket change, a million in the bank would merely allow you to live in moderate comfort for the rest of your life. You would have to be careful with your money. You could not be extravagant.

One million in disposable capital would give you around $50,000 a year in salary after taxes which is a lot less than a good company CEO or director gets.

If you took this salary the million dollars would slowly be eaten away by inflation until it was worth just $350,000 (today’s buying power) in about fifteen years. Hardly a king’s ransom, I think we can agree on that.

One million dollars buys you a crappy “matchbox” one bedroom condominium in New York City. That’s all.

After you bought the condo, all the money has gone and there would not be a penny left to furnish it, pay the bills or for other living expenses. No, the truth is that these days a million dollars isn’t what it used to be and the days are gone when becoming a millionaire was a crazy out of reach dream. These days it’s just a good start at best.

Being a millionaire is not what it used to be. A millionaire in 1990 would be equivalent to at least ten million dollars in today’s money…

ah, so now we’re talking sensible money aren’t we?

Ten million dollars is worth the same as one million used to be worth just a short time ago and back in the 1950s when a “millionaire” really was someone with a lot of money we can begin to get the big picture.

The point here is perspective.

Here’s another point, when you’ve had ten or a hundred million, this level of wealth seems normal to you. To be down to your last million would feel like being flat broke – a horrific state to be in.

It is exactly this sense of perspective which aids the rich person and hampers the poor.

If you have made a few million, how do you think you view your chances of making it again if you were to lose it? A bit of a nuisance, right? An irritation but certainly not a ludicrous fantasy or crazy impossible dream. Poor people look at making a million dollars very differently because they have never done it. This is exactly why you Napoleon Hill said that you need a millionaire mentor.

So do you think people with a can do mentality and attitude manages to make another million dollars whether they have lost their first million or not?

Yes, they do.

No problemo.

In fact they often do it several times over and their success leaves clues that people who desire the same results can use to improve their own results.

So I trust you’ll agree with me when I say they have the right perspective about making money.

If the answer is yes, then do yourself a favor and find out more about what I am doing that makes a big difference in my perspective about making money. What I have learned since I started on this path of being a millionaire is worth far more money to me today than the dollar value of what I invested to get business started.

The choice is yours, are you busy creating your dream or making excuses for having what you currently have?

My purpose in life is to help other people get out of the rat race and get rich in life.

I’m an entrepreneur, some would say a bit of a nut because I’m passionate about personal development and free enterprise, visit my blog at http://bit.ly/CreateTrueWealth

I show people how to make more money in one month than most people make in a year http://bit.ly/createwealth

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