What Now Coach?


Have you ever become so passionate about a subject or activity that you made a personal commitment to learn all you could about it? Sure you have. Did you also find that in so learning all you could about it, and sharing it with the people in your life, you pretty much became their very own, personal “guru” or go-to person, in regards to their growth too? Again I’m guessing…absolutely.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have proven that not only have you achieved one of your goals in learning and then applying all that you’ve learned to your own life, you’ve gone on to inspire and guide people to applying it to their lives too! This is, in my opinion, one of the greatest gifts you can give to anyone…that is the gift of coaching. Now of course, not everyone is as passionate as WE might be on our paths of self-improvement. Not everyone has the time or the energy to coach everyone they know who might have an interest in our personal project either. This is where it’s a wise idea to look outside of our personal bubbles and seek the help of a professional mentor.

I’ve been doing a lot of on line research these days and with the state of the world…the state of the economy, more and more people are turning to thought provoking, perception altering methods to make them feel good. The economy may be in a slump but if you’re a business selling anything that’s fun and positive or will help people train themselves to look on the brighter side of things, the “slump” isn’t affecting you much at all. Coaching and mentoring, whether it’s one on one or in a group environment, is hitting all time highs right now. Businesses are hiring speakers to give their staff a kind of spiritual “booster shot” to improve company morale and individuals all over the world are looking to not only improve their state of mind, but enhance their performance in every area of their lives by learning from a “pro”.

When researching who’s who as life coaches, spiritual coaches, Attraction coaches and personal mentors, I found that the number of people specializing in all of the above is staggering. This could be interpreted as a saturation of the market but there is one, very important factor to consider. With all of the different cultures in the world, and all of the different personalities within those cultures, a handful of coaches and mentors would never be able to meet the demand of the multitudes. This is probably why, in addition to finding the perfect self-improvement coach or mentor, there are so many reputable sites that are offering training to BECOME a life coach also.

Any of us who have been living the law of attraction have familiarized ourselves with all of the big names of “The Secret”. Jack Canfield, Tom Dooley (Notes From The Universe) and Michael Beckwith are just a few. There really is no price to put on the value that these human beings offer in the way of personal development. Their own, ongoing study, practice and coaching, along with personal experiences, are priceless assets to our arsenal of tools to use in a world that appears to be hopelessly against us. Appearances are exactly that…a situation that SEEMS to be, but not necessarily the truth. If truth is what you’re seeking…then what you’re seeking is a mentor who can guide you there.

If you fancy yourself a leader who holds strong to their beliefs…if you’re immovable in your thinking and believe you are being guided to teach others, then I highly recommend you do your own research and find the perfect program that will teach you to teach others. The world needs so many more of you!

If, however, you’re convinced that there is more “out there” for you…if you feel you’re on the precipice of something huge and don’t know how to jump…then give yourself the greatest and most important gift you can give to yourself. Find a coach or mentor who will take that jump with you. You’ll never know the possibilities that were in need of being released until you try. What gifts are you…and ONLY YOU…capable of giving to the world? How will you alter the Universe in the most positive way? Make no mistake…your actions not only alter your own personal corner of the world…they DO alter the Universe.

Remember…we’re all connected. Every action of every living being in the cosmos influences the rest of us. I’ve made my choice. What will your choice be?

I’ve been writing in one form or another ever since high school. I started with journaling, then articles and short stories. After working in advertising for a couple of years and then developing advertising campaigns, I was inspired by friends and colleagues to pursue more writing on a more personal levl. I life in a beautiful little canal village in Upstate, New York along with my Pembroke Corgi, Jack. I enjoy reading, writing, music, horror flicks, reality TV, cigarettes, coffee and above all…laughter. I work doing research and freelancing for a couple of different entrepreneurs and I’m always looking for something more to supplement my mind and my income in a fun, creative way.

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