What’s keeping you from Reaching the Top?

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Have you ever attended a seminar where you heard a motivational speaker and left determined to apply what you learned, only to realize a few days later you’ve already reverted back to your old way of thinking?

Have you ever read a great book or connected with an inspiring true story and felt compelled to reflect on how you can make meaningful changes in your life, but failed to do what was necessary to bring you more happiness and success?

Are you ignoring the voice lingering inside your head that encourages you to change self-defeating habits because you just don’t know how to make lasting changes?
Have you relied on motivation to create the life you want, but found motivation alone will not keep you from breaking the promise you made to yourself that — this time — you will finally DO IT?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, don’t think you are alone. It might surprise you to learn that many people feel about their lives as you do. You might be strong, smart and talented – but if you don’t have the tools to make the lasting changes you want to make, you might always struggle to have the life that you really want. Let me explain what I mean.

While it is important to be committed to your goals, commitment alone is not enough. The obese person might genuinely desire to become thinner, but despite his/her effort to change, they still wake up each morning overweight. The unemployed professional might long for a successful career, but after months of searching, he is still without a job. The single person, tired of feeling lonely, may dream of finding ‘the one”, yet day after day, they remain alone and without a companion.

Despite each person’s strong desire and commitment to reach his or her goals, their dreams have still not materialized. I’ll let you in on a simple, but profound, secret about these people: there is an unseen obstacle blocking that desire from becoming reality! Let me explain.

Imagine this: you’re driving in your car toward the top of a hill. But suddenly, no matter how much you press the accelerator of your car, it just won’t move forward. You get out, walk to the back of the car and begin to push. No matter how hard you push, the car doesn’t move. Although you don’t realize it, your car is blocked by a huge rock that is lodged underneath the car’s front tires. But you don’t see the rock because you are at the back of your car, pushing, sweating and cursing, wondering why you can’t move any farther up the hill. You might even ask other people to stop and help you. Some of them oblige and join you at the back of the car. Now everyone is pushing the car with all their might, but it is still not moving ahead! Fear overwhelms you, and you let that fear stop you from trying a different approach. You’re too scared to go to the front of the car to find out what really is stopping you from moving forward.

Before long, despite all your effort and desire to reach the top of the hill, your car begins slipping back down the hill. You’re exhausted and feel defeated, but what do you do now? Despite how ineffective your efforts have been in the past, you keep on pushing and sweating, trying to move the car as you always have.

Life can be much the same way, really! You may want to move ahead in your career, but perhaps your beliefs, hidden deeply within you, are holding you back — just as the heavy rock kept the car from moving forward up the hill. These beliefs, most likely inherited from childhood, can be handed down to you by your family. It’s also possible that peers, community and media have influenced you in a negative way. Perhaps they’ve convinced you that you just aren’t good enough to be successful or rich. Maybe you’ve believed them when they said you don’t have what it takes to achieve your dream. When you internalize these negative beliefs, no matter how hard you try, you are pushing the car without realizing what is in your way!

You keep telling yourself you aren’t good enough. So you work hard, stay late and improve your communication skills, but all the while, every part of your being is radiating negative energy that says: I don’t deserve it! I am not good enough! Not only will people around you receive and easily read this energy on a subconscious level, it will also attract to your life people, situations and incidents that perfectly harmonize with your subconscious belief — even if that belief is not true. And that’s not what you consciously want. Make sense?!

In addition, our brain, the magnificent machine that it is, is completely in sync with our beliefs and thoughts, and it automatically makes sure to direct you in ways that reinforces those ideas! Let me explain to you how.

Let’s say you decide to buy a new car and have a specific model and color in mind that you want to purchase. Suddenly, you begin to see that type of car everywhere you go. That happens when your Reticular Activating System (RAS) prompts you to notice that particular model because that car is on your mind and is your desire. Have you ever experienced that? You probably have!

So when you, for example, have a limiting belief that tells you that “people are dishonest and they will always try to con me,” not only will you start attracting these type of people into your life through the negative energy you are radiating, your RAS will frequently start identifying and highlighting those kind of people around you so that your beliefs will be reinforced. It is a vicious cycle! Although you desperately look for nice, honest people to associate with (you pushing the car), your belief (the rock in the way), is blocking this from happening!

However, once you stop pushing the car and take time to identify and question your limiting beliefs, you will change — and then your life will change. Once you remove the rock that is in your way, it won’t take long for you to reach the top of the hill!

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