Working Together

Working Together

By Coach John Daly
July 7, 2009

Over my 43 years of being on this planet, some things have become very clear to me. One of the many is that working together with others is much better than trying to do things on your own.

A classic example of this obviously is in the game of basketball. I’ve coached girl’s basketball for more than 20 years. The point of working together and that the team comes first has been one of my foundation pieces for any team I’ve worked with. Now granted, it doesn’t always work out for the best for the one simple fact that we are dealing with people. Usually everyone agrees that 5 people can do more with the basketball than just one person can.

Another example of this happened just this past June. We had some very wicked storms that passed through Michigan and the timing could not have been better. You see, we had some friends over with their kids to swim in our pool, have some dinner, play some games, etc. Well, right after they got here all heck broke loose. The winds became very strong blowing everything around and with the rain it was very difficult to see even out our windows. We have a great big pear tree in the front of our house, just next to our front walkway. One of the biggest branches from that tree came crashing down onto our front porch. Another very tall spruce tree in the back yard became uprooted and fell over onto our fence.

Like I said, we had friends over. My good friend Paul jumped right into action. With the power out also he helped get a couple of buckets to help bail out our sump pump in the basement so it would not overflow. We spent some time on that to get the water down. Then he helped out with pulling out the big limb of the pear tree and we began to clear all the debris that was with it off our front porch. A little later, I had a neighbor whose house and trees were ok, jumped in and helped cut up some of the branches of our tree. I don’t know what I would have done if Paul and his family were not here. I quickly saw the value of working together and getting help from friends in a time of need and chaos. We ended up using our grill to cook some food from our fridge that would have gone bad anyway. It worked out so much better than I thought it would.

Examples in business are all around. One started with me over a year and a half ago with a friend that graduated from the same high school that I did. He’s been a guest speaker in my classes and he and I have talked about ideas on working together and now we are finally doing just that. He has come up with a group of individuals that like me are starting up businesses. Our group meets once a month and we are discussing ideas that can help everyone out together. With marketing ideas, business plans, working with websites, etc. In just our first meeting the ideas that were coming from everyone were amazing. Here’s the kicker – they saw things from a totally different point of view than I did. Ideas that I could never think about on my own, came very freely from them.

That is probably one of the main points about leadership and success. We can’t do it on our own. However, true leaders are the only ones that realize this point. I’ve been told, that success leaves clues. When you are around other successful people that are willing to help, you need to listen and pick up the clues that they are leaving for you. The true leaders know that if you help enough people get to their dreams and goals, you will get to yours as well.

Now it takes some hard work and action on your part, which is one thing that was missing from my past. I expected others to do more for me than I was willing to do for myself. Ouch! I found out that didn’t work. When Paul jumped right in to help with our storm issues, that stuck with me. Look around you. I bet there are people willing to help you with your goals and dreams. They know that the more people they help the more help they will get in return. Get in touch with me so we can talk about this a little bit more. Look to help others and watch the great things that will come from it.

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