You Can Get Out of Debt in a Sagging Economy

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We are in the midst of the worst economic crash since The Great Depression, and you are by far not the only person who wants to get out of debt. Your ability to get out of debt has nothing to do with how much money you make.

If you make a lot of money, but you’re in the habit of accumulating debt, you will find yourself in debt more. You have to change the habits that put you in debt first. Remember how your grandmother cleaned her plate every time, and she never took more than she could eat. This attitude probably came from practices learned from The Great Depression. It is one example of the type of attitude that you need to develop to get out of debt.

You’ve heard it before, probably. You need to get rid of all the high interest debt first. You need to cut up all your credit cards. You need to stop going on emotional shopping sprees.

The truth is you need to eliminate a few things that you enjoy, but still enjoy your life. A few extra hundred dollars is all it takes to make things more manageable sometimes. Getting out of debt is a matter of choice not money. When you set your goal to get out of debt, follow these three key factors.

  1. Figure out where you are going

What kind of debt are you eliminating? You need to figure out exactly how much debt you are in. Track down all your loans, credit cards, and automatic monthly subscriptions deducted from your account. Figure out how much you owe. Develop a goal to start cutting debt out of your life.

  1. Do something towards your goal everyday

Take this example and apply it to your debt. When you drive a boat, all it takes is a one degree turn to start going in the opposite direction. By making small steps every day, you will begin to accumulate a mass of benefits that bring you out of debt.

  1. Affirm your goal

If you just paid of a portion of your debt–even if it was only a dollar, give yourself that affirmation. “I just paid off my debt today.”

It’s easy to keep ourselves in debt by thinking that some debt is okay, and other debt is not. The truth is that all debt is wrong. Adopt this attitude, and you’ll be digging yourself out of debt quick. There are some types of debt that are unavoidable like a house mortgage. Did you know that taking 30 years to pay off the mortgage on what seemed to be a good deal will at least double the price of your home.

If you can get the other debt out of the way, you will be able to get out of debt on a mortgage much more quickly.

When you begin to free up all your debt, you will save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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